Although the Jewish community peaked in the 1970s, about 70,000 mostly nominally Orthodox, remain in South Africa.

Despite low intermarriage rates, approximately 1,800 Jews leave the country for economic reasons every year, mainly to Israel, Australia, Canada and the United States.

The Jewish community in South Africa is currently the largest in Africa, and, although shrinking due to emigration, it remains one of the most nominally Orthodox communities in the world.

The current Chief Rabbi, Dr, Warren Goldstein (2008), has been widely credited for initiating a “Bill of Responsibilities” which the government has incorporated in the national school curriculum. The Chief Rabbi has also pushed for community run projects to combat crime in the country.

The community has become more observant and in Johannesburg, the largest centre of Jewish life, with 66 000 Jews, there is a high number and density of Kosher restaurants and religious centers.

In politics, the Jewish community continues to have influence, particularly in leadership roles.

Currently, the national Jewish newspaper, with a circulation of about 40,000, is the South African Jewish Report. In 2008 a Jewish Radio Station, Chai FM, commenced broadcasting in Johannesburg, and also broadcasting on the internet to the large South African “Diaspora”.