Welcome to ChaiSouthAfrica! This is the site you should bookmark to remain connected to the Jewish community in South Africa. We are proud to support over 1,000 residents in 12 residential homes.

These homes encompass, Beth Shalom and Jewel House in Durban, Highlands House, Glendale, Rosecourt and Oranjia in Cape Town, the entire campus of facilities in Johannesburg administered by the Chevrah Kadisha, and Jaffa in Pretoria. We are committed to the well being and dignity of all their residents.

The long history of these facilities from Oranjia Jewish Children’s Home which was established in 1911 as an orphanage and now completely redone, is reflected in the maintenance and upkeep needed for many of these older buildings. Though many have undergone complete renovations and all are continuously refreshing their facilities, there is still much to be done.

Please take a moment to pause and reflect on how fortunate we all are that there are those in South Africa, committed to the welfare of the Jewish people. That there are those in the Diaspora that care enough about the Jews left in South Africa, that support us in immeasurable ways and that there is a way for us to make a huge difference with a small donation.

That we ex-South Africans living abroad have been afforded the luxury and privilege of our lives and that no matter how large or small we are remembering the country of our parents and our grandparents by making meaningful donations to ChaiSouthAfrica. Let’s continue to make them proud!