Selwyn Segal

Caring for the Intellectually and Physically Disabled

113-125 George Avenue I Sandringham I Johannesburg I 2192
Contact: Lijahne Beetge
Phone: 011-483-7530

Our specialized care facility provides innovative approaches and therapeutic enhancements which focus on care of the residents and are aimed at enriching their quality of life and stimulating growth and energy. The model upon which this approach is actualized is through normalization of the environment, which entails creating family-orientated Living Units and moving away from large scale institutional living.

The 120 residents in our facility are grouped into Living Units of 16-18 people for meals, activities, sleeping and therapies. Residents get up in the morning, bath, eat breakfast and leave their Units to go to the therapy areas. After lunch they attend activities tailored for each particular group, have dinner, and go to bed.

Selwyn Segal Centre has 9 Units - 4 male and 5 female - each named after a city or place in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc. and residents are divided according to age, level of functionality and behavioral needs. These smaller Units provide a great many advantages in that they are personal and manageable, and promote greater scope for individual development and attention. Care Facilitators are appointed for each one.

Our History

Established in 1956, the Selwyn Segal has always held a special place in the hearts of Johannesburg’s Jewish community. The Selwyn Segal, which was brought under the Chev’s banner in 2005, embraces an ideology of protection and hope, where special people receive the special care they deserve.

Birthday celebrations at Selwyn Segal. Happy 85th Birthday to Moira Davis the oldest resident at Selwyn Segal - “you are only as old as your feel”

Selwyn Segal residents love their weekly art sessions. A variety of therapeutic approaches are used in helping the residents express themselves and reach their full potential.

Pedicures and ball therapy are always a hit!

Every year, Yeshiva College hosts Selwyn Segal's soccer team for a match between the Selwyn Segal Eagles and the Yeshiva College high school boys’ soccer team. There was big excitement in the air for this match as it was the first one in three years.