Highlands House

Cape Jewish Aged Home

234 Upper Buitenkant Street | Cape Town | 8001

Contact: Dr. Leon Geffen

Phone: 021-461-1100

Website: highlandshouse.co.za

Instagram: @highlandshousecpt


Highlands House is home to the elderly parents, siblings, relatives and friends of many in Cape Town’s Jewish Community. Residents aged 60 – 100+ are cared for according to their emotional, physical, spiritual, and social needs.

Ask anyone who has ever visited Highlands House, and they will tell you we are so much more than just a facility for the elderly — we are a Home. — Delia Kaplan, Deputy Director

Program of Services

Highlands House, situated in one of Cape Town's most tranquil suburbs, has provided residents with the physical, emotional and spiritual care and support they need for over 100 years.

Residents between the ages of 60 – 100 plus are cared for according to their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. The building is home to the elderly parents, siblings, relatives and friends of many of Cape Town’s Jewish Community.

Our staff provide care in terms of modern geriatrics. The emphasis is on wellness and health and each resident has an individualized care plan. Our care is based on our holistic philosophy that ageing is a normal part of living and is another experience along the continuum of life. We see each individual as a whole person with emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

The safety, comfort and well-being of our residents are of the utmost importance at Highlands House which is why our experienced staff offers care twenty-four hours a day. The medical needs of residents are attended to by Professional Nurses, who run a clinic, visit residents in their rooms if necessary, liaise with general practitioners and manage the residents' medication.

Care is the key to an improved quality of life which is why all our programs are based on the strengths and capabilities of the individual residents.

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home" ~ Author Unknown

Our History

Highlands House is proud to announce that it celebrates it's 106th anniversary this year. A big thank you to the Management Board, Advisory Board (Trustees) and Honorary Life Members for their continued work in bringing world-class elderly care to the Jewish community right here under Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

The new Memory Care Unit opens in 2023.

Highlands House is excited to announce that construction of the new Memory Care Unit has begun. "It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." – Author Unknown

Even in an aged care facility, you can effect change and make a contribution to society. "It is in your hands to make a better world for all who live in it." —Nelson Mandela. In celebration of Mandela Day 2022, Highlands House residents got together to do their #67minutes of community work by packaging their own and each other’s hand-knit clothing items, toys and handcrafted beadwork to be distributed to other organizations as goodwill donations.

Highlands House Art Exhibition – remarkable what the residents created during the pandemic.

Highlands House celebrates it all - the Oscars, Pesach, and lighting of Yahrtzeit candles in observance of Yom HaShoah

"Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she precious, she’s my mom." For Mother's Day the residents got dressed up, shared funny stories about their children growing up, had a good laugh, and enjoyed a delicious tea.