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Beth Shalom Retirement Home


85 Vause Road


Durban, 4001


Contact: Sylvia Collins

Phone: 031-201-3151


The goals of Beth Shalom are to:


  • Provide a Home for Senior Citizens of the Jewish Community in KwaZulu Natal. 
  • Plan and operate facilities which will provide comprehensive balanced services ranging from independent living to frail care. 
  • Support the concept of allowing individuals to be as independent as possible. 
  • Provide programs which encourage a feeling of well-being and optimism. 
  • Provide quality care which contributes to quality of life. 
  • Increase public understanding of the elderly, the Home and its relationship with the Jewish Community of KwaZulu that it serves.

Our History


Beth Shalom was founded some 32 years ago when concerned members of the Community foresaw a need for such a facility in Durban. It opened its doors with about 6 residents, in a converted house, and subsequent extensions have increased its capacity to about 100 people. Funding for the acquisition of the property and the various constructions which took place came predominantly from the Jewish Community of KwaZulu Natal, with some Government assistance. Beth Shalom fulfills a vital need in the community.

Of the 85 residents at Beth Shalom about a third are men. The average age is in the mid eighties, although there are two younger people who have physical disabilities. Many of the residents are indigent, and many more are not able to afford the full resident fee. However there is no discrimination based on their ability to pay. The Home has a very high degree of frailty therefore the degree of care and assistance varies according to the needs of each resident.


Program of services
The health and welfare of our residents is paramount, and we have a large nursing staff working 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Nursing services are provided as well as ancillary services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and where necessary we rely on a panel of doctors. Beth Shalom prides itself on the high degree of care and attention each resident receives and where the residents' every need is catered for.


The residents receive 3 wholesome meals a day (kosher), and their rooms are fully serviced. In addition we have an in-house laundry service to accommodate residents and facility needs.


Beth Shalom makes sure their residents experience a wide range of entertainment from music appreciation evenings to movie night every Saturday, weekly Shiurim meetings held in the shul and an excellent exercise program and activities to ensure that all residents within the Home are attended to for enjoyment and stimulation purposes. Residents enjoy a full program of activities in which to participate in daily.


Their gardens are lush and beautiful which is the real gem of the Home. There is lots of bird life bringing enjoyment to the residents and their visitors.


Beth Shalom is currently upgrading their facilities to ensure that everyone’s needs are catered for, which could not be made possible without donations received from Chai.


As the expenses of the Home far exceed the fees collected each year, there is a major shortfall in funding, and Beth Shalom would not be able to continue its work were it not for the support it receives from the local Community, and various organizations both in and outside of South Africa such as ChaiSouthAfrica.