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Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, South Africa

I enjoyed very much participating in the Chai SA event in San Diego, California. The warmth, energy and enthusiasm of the occasion reflects the wonderful work that Chai SA does in contributing to the welfare of those most in need in the South African Jewish community. All those who contribute to Chai SA’s amazing work are performing a great mitzvah, which will be to their eternal merit.




C.K. Harris, Chief Rabbi (Of Blessed Memory, ZT”L)

I was delighted to hear about your outstanding endeavors to help South African Jewry at this critical time.


Due to severe cuts in Government subsidies to our old-aged homes and homes for the handicapped, we are urgently in need of funds to enable these facilities to survive.


We are aware of the sentiments of South African expatriates for the country of their birth and deeply appreciate the concern being expressed for our current difficulties and the practical support which is being offered.


We are especially encouraged by the amount you have already raised and by the range of contributors from across the world.


I wholeheartedly endorse the ChaiSouthAfrica campaign and pray that your efforts on our behalf will be blessed with every success.


Russell Gaddin - President - South African Jewish Board of Deputies, Johannesburg

"As the national Chairman of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, the umbrella organization that represents South African Jewry, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your organization for your efforts in fundraising for the homes in Southern Africa.


As you are aware subsidies to the homes have been reduced negatively affecting their financial status. Your organization’s assistance therefore is highly appreciated.


Thank you once again."


Tzivia Bieler, Joint Distribution Commitee - Director of the Executive Office 

"We feel privileged to be able to assist you in this good deed. I know it is very important ... In Psalm 71:9, it says: Do not cast us away in our old age; when our strength gives out, do not forsake us., We can certainly do no less for our Jewish elderly than what we ask of God for ourselves."


Beth Shalom Management

"We are extremely moved by the generosity of those people who have contributed to this fund and to you and the other organizers who are doing so much to assist the Jewish Community of South Africa. On behalf of our President, Management Committee and especially our residents, we express our gratitude at the effort you are making to ensure that we are able to continue providing our elderly folk with a dignified and comfortable life. It is so nice to know that there are people out there who not only care, but are prepared to get involved in what I believe is a most worthwhile project."


Glendale, Home for the Jewish Handicapped: Solly Greenstein (Of Blessed Memory, ZT”L)

"The wonderful work being done by you and your committee is admirable and we are indeed fortunate to have such a band of wonderful people working for our cause.  "How refreshing it is to hear that ex pat South Africans think so much about their roots that they are quite prepared to offer such constructive assistance! Glendale is very fortunate to have such caring friends and we thank you for designating Glendale as the recipient of your very generous donation. With spiraling costs and diminishing community it is becoming more and more difficult to give the residents the items essentials for their well-being. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and assistance is very much appreciated and will enable us to keep up the standard that the residents deserve."


Our Parents Home

"We are in receipt of your most generous donation from Chai South Africa. Our sincere thanks to all involved. It is only with the assistance of good friends like yourselves that we are able to undertake the task of looking after the senior citizens entrusted to our care. The donation is gratefully acknowledged and deeply appreciated. In the merit of your Mitzvah may you all be blessed"


Philip Kalmonowitz - Sandringham Gardens

"On behalf of the President, Board of Governors, Residents and Staff of Sandringham Gardens we wish to thank you most sincerely for your most generous donation to the home. We wish to place on record our sincere thanks to you and all involved with ChaiSouthAfrica for implementing this initiative and successfully raising and distributing funds for Southern Africa. We look upon ChaiSA as a partner that we are very proud of and indebted to. The funds gained will be utilized towards supporting those of our residents who are unable to afford the cost of their accommodation at Sandringham Gardens along with many other programmes and facility needs. I am looking forward to a long and successful relationship. May ChaiSA grow from strength to strength"


Selwyn Segal

"We take the opportunity of thanking you and the Chai Committee for all their efforts on our behalf. As the recipients of your tzedakah, we are indeed grateful.  We will encourage ex-South Africans now living abroad to remember their roots and assist their landsman in South Africa. Thanking you once again for your generosity, we wish you lots of success and assure you of our ongoing support."