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ChaiSouthAfrica thanks you for your exceptional support of the


Jewish homes in Southern Africa!



Diamond: $54,000 and above


Donna and Steven Abramson
Charles Bank
Arlene and Robert Davis
Elaine and Leon Ellman

Martine and Stanley Fleishman

David Frankel
Cheryl and David Friedlander
Avril and Hersch Klaff
Karen and Shawn Lipman
Felicia and David Mandelbaum



Platinum: $36,000 - $54,000


Marlene and Barry Berelowitz

Sharon and David Westerman



Gold: $18,000 - $36,000


Shaloha and Gary Aires
Yael Amyer
Marcelle and Charles Blach
Aliza and Louis Chertkow
Leanne and Dean Cohen
Bradley Gutkin
Kevin Gutkin

Carol and Ronald Marcus
Adam Raphaely
Lindsay and Evan Stein
Susan and Barry Stein
Jacqueline and Bertram Woolf
Linda and Stanley Wulf
Aliza and Louis Chertkow



Silver: $9,000 - $18,000


Howard Albert
Hilary and Gidon Cohen
Sharon Cohen
Michelle and Perry Diamond
Karen and Brian First
Jessica and Michael Friedlander
Ian Friedman
Stephanie and Norman Gilinsky
Joan and Joseph Gross
Ruth Anne and Mark Hackner
Doris and Basil Haymann
Sandy and Mervyn Kodesh
Joanne Levin and Alex Klyce
Leah and Neville Levin
Michael Levin
Logomark, Inc
Felicia and Jeffrey Lurner

Jeanette and Mervyn Mandelbaum
Brian Milner
Arlene and Louis Navias
Lesley Goldwasser and Jonathan Plutzik
Mary and Harold Posniak
Janet and Ivan Rostovsky
Sandy and Jeffrey Sacks
Nicole and Brett Saloner
Monique and Jack Shevel
Shirley and Hyman Shwiel
Heather and Norman Silverman
Tracy and John Smaller
Marlene and Neville Stanger
Ilana and Richard Starfield
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Tobiansky
Carol and Max Wolf
David Wolpe



Bronze: $3,600 - $9,000


Marcelle Alperstein
Pearl and Maurice Arenson
Stephne and Kerrin Behrend
Marion and Stanley Bergman
Lance Berman
Ruth and Neil Berkowitz
Talya and Barry Bloom
Saralee Rosen and Gary Blumsohn
Howard Brener
Jeannette and Clive Byala
Sandy Tabatznik and Mark Cohen
Melinda and Stephen Cohen
Claire and David Ellman
Pamela Podemski-Fleissig and Clive Fleissig
Renee and Charles Frank
Edith and Ivor Friedman
Pam and Yehudi Gaffen
Nigel Gevisser
Merle and Trevor Gnesin
June Ferbrache and Leonard Goldberg
Joel Gross
Sharon and Melvyn Gutkin
Michele and Trevor Harris
Jennifer and Robin Henry
Eva and Hymie Hersowitz
Marlene and Basil Herzstein
John Hoover
Rosalind and Dean Isaacs 
Hilary and Selwyn Isakow
Maureen and Hilton Israelson
Janith and Charles Jaffe 
Louise and Norman Jaffe 
Carol and Meyer Janet
Robin and Marc Joseph
Marjorie Kalmanson
Leon Kalvaria
Janet and Michael Krasny
Avrille Krom

David Landau
Rochelle and Julius Levin 
Cheryl and Gary Levitt 
Marilyn and Eric Levy 
Rinna and Eric Maletsky
Ilana and Shlomo Melmed
Mandi and Wayne Meyerowitz
Elyse and Davin Milun
Hilton Mirels
Linda Mirels
Ronit Molko
Sharon and Frederick Myers
Leslie Novos
Elisabeth and Vernon Neppe
Nancy and Bruce Newberg
Jennifer and Robert Olemberg
Nikita and Travis Putnam
Andrea Ravid
Pamela Rohr 
Hayley and Dion Saks
Pat and Brian Salmenson
Rochelle and Alan Saloner
Anthony Sebba
Robyn and Mark Setzen
Jennifer and Manfred Simchowitz 
Marilyn and Stanley Smiedt
Kate and Greg Spiro
Barry Stein
Debbie and Steven Stein
Sonja Stein
Vivienne Stern
Nicole and Mark Stiller
Ralene and Bruce Strauss
Etta and Ivan Szeftel
Joan and Leonard Wasserman
Barbara and Michael Wolfson
Julie and Anton Woolf
Mary and Jeffrey Zients



 Copper: $1,800 - $3,600


Morris Alkin
Analysis Group Inc.
Jeff Aronin
Josephine and Albert Barnes
Raylene Baron
Felicia and Irwin Belcher
Cheryl and Anthony Bledin
Denise and Mervyn Blieden
Aileen and Gil Borok
Lynette and Derek Brown
Florrie Chiat
Peter Cohen
Dermalogica Foundation
Mark and Patricia Edelstein
Linda and Roy Essakow
Fleur and Simon Frank
Myrna Frank
Devorah and Michael Friedlander
Peter Furman
Ruth Ann and Errol Ger
Esther and Arnold Gerson
Elyse and Mervyn Gervis
Richard Ginsburg
Michelle and Edwin Grusd
Julia and Erroll Hackner
Susan Hackner
Michael Halberstadt
Merle and David Horwitz
Della Isaacson
Marilyn Isaacson
Theresa and Philip Jochelson
Barbara Kalvariaisakow
Lori and Yonatan Kassar
Marlene and David Katzman
Philip Kirsh
Ilana Kloss
Samantha Kur and Evan Hochberg
Bebe and Hyman Kurgan
Stacey and Craig Lampert
Amy and Ryan Lazarus

Ian Levin
Liza and Michael Levy
Doreen and Leon Lewin
Sharon and Alan Lipworth
Lawrence Lotzof
Mandy and Marc Maister
Malkin Family
Andrea and Clinton Marcus
Susan and Gavin Menashe
Brenda and Brian Mervis
Stuart Nathan
Michele Pas
The Paul E. Singer Foundation
Maurice Purcell
Lauren and Gary Puterman
Philip Rabie
Angeli and Kevin Rapeport
Sylvia and Charles Rubin
David Sacks
Joan and Charles Samson 
Renata and Alan Saven
Estelle and Donald Sayles
Irene and Wilfred Schach
Lee and Mark Schneider
Sandra and Leonard Seimon
Adrian Shandling
Kirsten and Brian Shirken
Claire and Jonathan Smidt
Audrey and Jack Sobel
Dr. Margaret Spitz and Dr. Louis Berman
Star Rehabilitation Inc.
Regan and Barry Stein
Gillian and Mark Stein
Linda and Dan Suskin
Linda and Morris Taibel
Sharon and Steven Tradonsky
Lisa and Matthew Velkes
Monique and Stephen Wallace
Martin Youngleson


This list acknowledges cumulative contributions through December 2014.

Starting May 1st, 2013, our valued lifetime supporters' names will be included in our listing of cumulative giving. If you would prefer not to be listed please advise us at